The intention of the Londoners report is to reflect the cultural diversity that lives in London, the capital of England.

Show people from different cultures and customs that cross through streets, metro lines and / or bus. It is said of London, which is a city apart from what is England, surely the reason for this conception is that the mix of cultures, customs and religions has generated a different city, open and adapted to newcomers, either in the form of tourism or as immigrants.

On London's day-to-day life, its residents, those who only work and, of course, tourists from all over the world.

Focusing on these three elements, I wanted to know London from a different point of view, paying attention to those individuals who every day believe in the journey to work, but for those who practically never spend a long time, observation.

I have visited London through its pedestrians, of those who come and go, of those who are left and those who leave.

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