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Hi! I'm Xavier. I'm a UX/UI Designer from Barcelona, and I love to create beautiful and functional products that people enjoy using. I have experience in web and mobile applications. I'm an open-minded person, so I'm always ready to learn and overcome new challenges.

Currently, I'm a Marketing UX/UI Designer @ Ricoh Spain and Portugal. I'm a passionate person who's always looking to improve things. I love traveling and discovering new places, music, and photography.

My portfolio includes user experience and interface design, brand & identity design, photography and video.

My main focus is creating digital experiences that increase customer loyalty and sales. Always ready to learn new things.

I've worked with brands like

UX/UI in Marketing Team,
Design & Communications

Videos for strategic social campaigns and internal learning

Animations for different campaigns in Spain

Collaborations about branding, videos, animations and general graphic design.

Interactive sales folders, animations and videos for multiples campaigns